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Westervelt was among the first western reporters to reach Baghdad during the U. S-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein embedded with the lead elements of the army's Third Infantry Division.

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He was also among the first western reporters to enter the Gaza Strip via Egypt during the Israeli ground offensive in the coastal Palestinian enclave known as the Gaza War. Westervelt has reported extensively across the U. Westervelt is currently helping to launch a collaborative team that covers America's criminal justice system , including issues and reform efforts surrounding prisons, policing, juvenile justice, and the courts. He's been honored with broadcast journalism's highest honors, including the George Foster Peabody Award for coverage of the Sept.

He also recently shared in an Edward R. In , Westervelt returned to the U. Knight Journalism Fellowship. As Jerusalem bureau chief, Westervelt covered the failed diplomatic efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and the social, political, and cultural news across Israel and the occupied West Bank. He reported from the front lines of the war between Israel and Hezbollah known as the Second Lebanon War.

He was on the ground for multiple Israeli-Hamas battles in the Gaza Strip and the Fatah-Hamas civil war and battle of Gaza City that led to the current political split within the Palestinian Authority. While based in Berlin, Westervelt covered a broad range of news across the region, including the Euro debt crisis, the rise of far right nationalists, national elections, and more. Prior to his Middle East assignments, Westervelt covered military affairs and the Pentagon out of Washington, DC, reporting on the major defense, national security, and foreign policy issues of the day.

But it's his time with the Central Alabama VA, he says, that has left him more rattled, frustrated and angry. In the early hours of June 5, , Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down in a kitchen hallway of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Kennedy was a top Democratic contender. He had just given a rousing victory speech after winning the California presidential primary. He died the following day. Today, the hotel is gone.

But in its place is a kind of living memorial to his ethos of social justice and fairness to everything from immigration to the environment. Ramona Morales, who turns 80 in May, technically has a criminal record. Her offense? One of her renters kept chickens.

Beautiful roosters they were," Morales says walking in the backyard of the modest ranch home she rents out in the Coachella Valley city of Indio, Calif.

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Beautiful, but annoying to some neighbors and against the Indio's municipal code on keeping farm animals in a residential area. On one level, it looks like all is mostly back to normal in the small, rural community of Rancho Tehama in Northern California. But just below the surface it's clear people here are still grappling with the aftermath of a local man's murderous rampage nearly three months ago that killed five and wounded 12 others.

Branches of America's federal law enforcement and intelligence services may be secretly helping state and local police arrest suspects every day in ways that raise fundamental questions about defendants' civil and due process rights, according to a recent Human Rights Watch report. President Trump took office in January, vowing in a dark-toned inaugural to end what he described as "this American carnage" fueled by gangs, drugs and street violence.

America did see historic carnage in , but critics say it had far less to do with gangs and drugs than with disturbed individuals with easy access to firearms. Now here's a story of saving lives. It was part of Tuesday's mass shooting in northern California. Teachers, a janitor and others at a school kept it from being worse. The national effort to get states to move away from a bail system based on money — something detractors call unjust and antiquated — got a big boost this week: A yearlong study backed by California's chief justice recommended money bail be abolished and replaced with a system that includes robust safety assessments and expanded pretrial services.

Some 9, firefighters who are working long hours with little or no rest continue to battle historically destructive Northern California wildfires that have claimed at least 40 lives, wiped out whole neighborhoods and damaged vineyards and farms in the heart of the state's wine country. In this week's fires alone, 22 people have died, the Sonoma County Coroner's office said Saturday.

There's about 10 feet between Judge Craig Hannah's courtroom bench and the place where a defendant stands to be arraigned here in Buffalo City Court. We did the before ," Judge Hannah reminds her. Yet America's schools — where collective memory is shaped — are now full of students who never knew because they weren't alive then.

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Many teachers now struggle with whether and how to teach the attacks and their aftermath. According to one survey, only about 20 states include anything in depth about the events of that fateful day in their high school social studies curriculum. Organizers of what was being called a "freedom rally" Saturday in San Francisco had hoped to draw an audience for their conservative causes.

The great strength and benevolence of Maui is told; while ostensibly a chieftain, he possesses supernatural powers that allow the harnessing of the ocean and sun for his own ends. In many respects Maui is an outsized version of an ideal, traditional Hawaiian in his prime; with a fantastic understanding of the weather; outstanding skill at fishing; and a benevolent leader to his family and clan. Even in acts that seem destructive - his killing of the long eel Tuna - a new sprout blossoms; the burial of Tuna's body results in the first coconut tree.

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