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As we may read: First in Deut. Such the people delighted in and consulted with, Ier. Such an one was Balaam, Ios. Secondly, We read in Deut. To these likewise did the people give eare, Ier. And such an one was Manasses, 2 Chron. And what was Elimas the Sorcerer spoken of in the Acts? Thirdly, we read in Deut.

Of this Manasses also was guilty, 2 Chro. To which might be added that in Hester.

Fourthly, we read in Deut. Such Pharaoh called to him to oppose Moses. Fifthly, we read in Deut. Such an one used Charmes to tame Serpents, Psal. Many such were in Babylon, Isa. Sixthly, we read in Deut. Such an one was the Witch of Endor, Sam. Such an one was the Pythonesse which brought her Mistris much gaine, Acts In Isa. To such the people had reguard, Lev.

Seventhly, wee read in Deut.

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One also which could foretell some things, and so called for his or her foreknowledge; as now we terme them a wise man, or a wise woman. After this sort the people sought also, Lev.

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Ninthly, we read in Isa. To these the Aegyptians sought after, as they did to their Idolls, as in the last forementioned place is expressed. These are now as I have read translated Charmers. Tenthly, we read in Exod. And therefore it cannot be denyed, besides their confessions herafter herein expressed, but that there are such to this time, and that they all ought to suffer alike, which have made an expresse league with the Devill. An art so execrable, to renounce God, and to betake themselves to the Devill, as for this thing onely they deserve death in the highest degree: for the Law of God saith without exception, Thou shalt not suffer a VVitch to live, Exod.

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If a Witch justly convicted, Death is due to such an one, Levit. And did not good King Iosiah put such sorts to death, that he might fulfill the Law? And so did Saul, Sam. Nay, hath not the Lord threatned great Judgements in the aforementioned places? Now, who they be that make this expresse or open league, are both sorts.

But for the hurting and cursing VVitch, there is but one sort. All which makes this expresse or open league; and they doe it onely for mischief, though severall wayes: for they take their Familiars; Some for one mischief, some for another. Now the first of these two have Familiars, as well as the other, or at least a brand, by which they may be known and discerned by, as well as the first. So that it is not to be questioned, but all these sorts are in league with the Devill.

All which I will make plainely appeare, when I come to speake how they may be known. For here some may first demand of mee what sorts of people they be of either sorts? I answer, as for the first sort most women, and for the other most men. And albeit there be of both sorts of both: as Elimas the Sorcerer, and Simon Magus, and so likewise Balaam, and the Witch of Endor, and of these young, middle, and old age, of which instances may be given; Yet of Witches in generall, there be commonly more women then men.

This is evident. First, from Gods Law against Witches, Exod. Secondly, from Sauls speech, when he said, Seeke one out, a woman that hath a familiar spirit, Sam. As of those of Burton-Old, where there met above fourescore at a time; And at Tilbrooke bushes in Bedfordshier, neere adjacent to Catworth; in Huntingtonsheir, where there met above twenty at one time, as Iohn Wynick, and others confessed who suffered at Huntington last May was two yeares: As also by the confessions of some others which suffered at Northampton not long before; So likewise were those which met at Manningtree in Essex, as Elizabeth Clarke, and Anne Leech confessed, and those which were condemned, there being about twenty eight, at Chelmsford, in the summer So I could nominate farre more instances in other places, and of about two hundred executed since the said May, And as I have read, those in Lancasheire, where ninteene assembled, and but two men, and that those that bewitched the Earle of Rutland were women; and that those of Warboyes were women, and but one man.

I passe by Infidels, and Heathen people in former times from whom these abominations mentioned in Deut. First, ignorant people whose eyes are blinded by Satan, 2 Cor. This appeareth in those VVitches commonly detected amongst us, silly ignorant persons many of them. Ennumerable of these instances I could nominate in many of their Confessions, as you shall finde in some of those following.

But I desire to Answer one objection before I proceed further that is some say, and many will and doe say; But you watched them, and kept them from meat, drinke, or rest, and so made them say what you would. A very unnaturall part so to use Christians. I answer so it were.

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For the watching, it is not to use violence, or extremity to force them to confesse, but onely the keeping is, first, to see whether any of their spirits, or familiars come to or neere them; for I have found, that if the time be come, the spirit or Impe so called should come, it will be either visible or invisible, if visible, then it may bee discerned by those in the Roome, if invisible, then by the party. But if honest godly people discourse with them, laying the hainousnesse of their sins to them, and in what condition they are in without Repentance, and telling them the subtilties of the Devill, and the mercies of God, these wayes will bring them to Confession without extremity, it will make them breake into Confession hoping for mercy.

Then said Mr. Then one of the company which was appointed to be with her that night, said to her, Besse, I asked you a question of late, but you answered not, then she said, what is it? Then he replyed and said, tell the truth, if it be the truth, say so. Hopkin, in what manner and likenesse came he to you? Rebecca West of Lamford, in Essex, who was as she confessed married to the Devill, and the manner, had an Impe came to her in the time she was kept, but of her confession more at large hereafter. Of these I could bring diverse instances, but I will proceed. And as I remember, it was the same woman; but I am sure of Keyston in Huntingtonshier, and so was she, that to the thinking of two which were with her, she sate still in her chaire, when two more in the yard saw her goe out into the yard, and her going in againe; This woman confessed the Devill sate in her likenesse, and she went out, and suckled her Impes in the yard, as the other two affirmed.

Witnesse those executed at Elie, a litle before Michaelmas last, who made large confessions. But then some will say, you swome some of them, especially at the first, was not that extremity? These are some similitudes, that there is something in swimming if lawfull but to proceed. Will this with the other give you satisfaction?

But I passe, intending onely to take the heads, agreeing with the confessions of Witches. Also she confessed, that being at Stephen Humfries in Thorpe aforesaid, and a begging for Almes, hee came home well, and she being at the doore, he chid her, or gave her such words as she liked not of; As she went over the way from the house, her Impe Hangman appeared to her, and asked her what he should doe, and she bad him goe and kill one of his Hogs, which shee saw, which she said he did before she was out of fight, which Hog died accordingly.

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Likewise she further confessed, that she being angry with one Mr. Coppinger of Lavenham, she sent her Impe Iacob to carry away bushes, which he had caused to be laid to fence his fences, above one load, here some, and there some, all along by the hedge side, as they were to be hedged out, and in one night they were gone, no man knew what way, untill such time as she confessed her Impe did it.

But as I have since heard, they were knowne to be in another mans ground, who confessed, they came the same night, but how, he knew not till then. And so for this, I hope it is sufficient, to give all satisfaction, for all confessions, or most of them at least, tend to prove this in some part. Those that are given to over much curiosity, to seeke after vaine Knowledge, in pride of heart to goe beyond others, to understand secret and hidden things, to know things to come.

Then Mr.

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Hopkin, as he told me for he tooke his Confession asked him, if it did not grieve him to see so many men cast away, in a short time, and that he should be the cause of so many poore widdowes on a suddaine; but he swore by his maker, no, he was joyfull to see what power his Impes had, and so likewise confessed many other mischiefes, and had a charme to keep him out of Goale, and hanging, as he paraphrased it himselfe, but therein the Devill deceived him; for he was hanged, that Michaelmas time Hopkins doing, nor mine owne; for we never printed any thing untill now.

To these likewise might be added, those observers of times, Deut. And such as professe to cure diseases, by such meanes as have no reason, or worke of nature to doe the Cure, nor have by any ordinance of God, from his word, any such operation to heale the infirmity. Such be they that use Spells, Charmes, and such like; and what be Juglers and legerdemain Companions?

For that they sport with such resemblances, and utter words, as the invocating of a Spirit, the reality whereof, is called an abomination before God, and as Saint Paul speaketh, Children of disobedience.


What be the Fortune tellers, and such like? Those who with greedinesse gape after worldly wealth, or feare poverty. To this I may adde, one Elizabeth Hubbard, widdow, of Stow Market in Suffolke, who confessed, that above thirty yeares, she had three things came to her in the likenesse of Children, which asked her whispering to deny God, Christ, and all his workes, and to cleave to them, and she should want nothing; These she said, as they named themselves, were called, Thomas, Richard, and Hobb, and that they scratched her back, and fetched bloud to seale the Covenant, and that they use to suck on those markes which were found upon her, two or three times a week, about breake of the day, and that she did say, I pray to God to doe to him as he dealt by me meaning a man of the same Towne and he languished and died, and many other things she said she did, but was ashamed to tell them.

Also Susan Scot of Lauenham aforesaid, complained of one Sweeting comming to her with one Golding, who confessed the Devill us'd to have the use of her body, and spoke to her with a great easie voyce, and that she had two Impes like Cats and Dogs, which sucked on those markes found upon her, and how she was the Death of Thomazine, the daughter of one Mr.