Skinny Is Overrated: The Real Womans Guide to Health and Happiness at Any Size

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Last week, Weight Watchers announced a program to provide free memberships to 10 million teens. The eating disorder community took to social media to urge Weight Watchers to reconsider, sharing personal stories of the damage that dieting has inflicted. It was powerful. But the problem is bigger than Weight Watchers, or even teen dieting. The problem is thinking of weight as an indicator of health. While we're arguably more aware of female pain than ever, there are still some unchartered health topics that have yet to be explored: like bowel movement.

If you've ever had particularly bad gas before, you know that it can sometimes feel like you're sitting on a pile of balloon animals that are going to. I know you know me well enough to know how deeply this spoke to me. You are such an inspiration, and I wish I could go back in time and read this to my teenage self.

I hope that this touches some people whose bodies are crying out for rest and for change.

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Wow thank you so so much for sharing this! SO proud of you!

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I am struggling right now and this helped me see a lot of things! You are a beautiful lady inside and out! You should be so proud! This resonates so so much with me. JUST today I found a picture from two summers ago, when I tracked every morsel of food and worked out every day resting was not part of my schedule. And the weird thing is? I never saw that at that time. I was always working towards being smaller and more lean because that is what I thought I had to be to be attractive.

I cannot applaud you enough for this post Davida! No joy in food, no joy in going out … it is draining and unsustainable. Your honesty and genuineness is pretty amazing and what really sets you apart as a health blogger. Thank you for this post! Keep rocking the world! An incredibly honest and inspirational post about accepting your body the way it is rather than sacrificing happiness just to fit into a smaller pair of jeans.

Davida, I literally could have written this post myself. You are an inspiration to so many and I am so unbelievably happy that you, that I and so many others have journeyed through those times and come out the other side just loving life. This post is perfection! I recently did a closet purge for the same reason—I got rid of all my 00 jeans and XXS tops. These were reminders of my ED and reminders of a place I refuse to go again.

For the first time in a long time, I am over skinny. I am focused on what my body can do—functionally, emotionally, intellectually. I will trade the 00 for peace of mind and heart and family any day! Never heard people say what you said before. Kinda interesting. It seems to go along the lines of just accepting yourself. It seems that media has given girls all the wrong ways to lose weight—ways that lead to guilt, hunger, anxiety, over exercise.

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There are plenty of ways to lose weight and still be very happy while doing it. If people just stuck to intuitive eating—the world would be a much happier place! I have zero desire to be skinny good thing!!! Hell yeah! Thank YOU for being vulnerable and sharing your story. I am new to your blog, and wow what an incredible first post to read.

Thank you so much for sharing this. We can be skinny and as you mentioned, we still are by most standards but we can and deserve to be happy and to LIVE too. Thanks for the reminder. Thank YOU! Truthful and honest — thank you! I have recently gained weight after recovering from an eating disorder. I have fallen in love with powerlifting, and while I still eat very healthy, I make sure it is a diverse selection that actually has calories! No more salads for me. Sure im not a 00 anymore, but you know what?

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I am sure in the heck more happier, people no longer worry about my health by how I look, and I am stronger both mentally and physically. It took me a long time to get the words out but I can say with certainty that it was one of […]. Yay for living our lives over planning them, and yay for the secret to happiness not equaling the secret to skinniness. I think it has to happen. Now excuse me while I continue to stalk your old posts.

Aw thanks lady!!! I feel the exact same way about you. Your bravery in opening up to your readers despite very vocal opposition was absolutely an inspiration for my writing this post. I would be honoured to be a part of your series. In other news, I hope you found some gems in your stalking. I legit cringe when I read old posts! Have a great weekend xoxo.

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I love every single word of this post. Thank you for putting things out there. Focus is no healthy not skinny!

Thanks for the reminder that the stress you put on your body now may have consequences later on! Beautiful post! Love your blog! You are so sweet! Healthy over skinny any day. One Year Later — […]. Davs practices what she preaches. I love this post!

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I just cleaned out my closet last night and was having a mental debate whether or not to give away two dresses that were just a bit tight. I ended up putting them in the Good Will pile. I love Oprah too, but that is horrible advice! This post nearly brought me to tears! I could relate to everything that you said, as I struggled with anorexia and orthorexia for nearly a year of my life. I was down to 83 pounds when I was forced to get help and finally realized exactly what I was doing to myself. Some twenty pounds later, I am so much happier than I have ever been in my life!

You should be so proud of yourself Hanna!

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You are awesome, Davida. You are strong and beautiful inside and out. Thank YOU Hayley! I love your positivity and I hope you continue to encourage others to find a healthy balance in their lives. Lots of love! So much honesty as Davida shares the secrets to […]. Personally, being skinny makes me a lot happier than being average or chubby.

So i think its important for you to stay open-minded and remember that not everyone who is skinny eats rabbit food and runs miles on an empty stomach. I just read this and I resonated with so many parts that you described. It was never enough. It is so relieving and worth it when you go through the mental hardships of finding a balance.