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This is a great book — it is full of action, and suspense.

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It is also interesting to read how these warriors adjust to home and family life in between missions. I really liked the full circle theme in the book; the ending was great. There were also some spots that made me laugh; the practical joke with the scale was pretty funny!! Great story, great flow. Enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to anyone.

Hunt the Falcon (SEAL Team Six Series #3)

I bought this as a gift for my dad. He is retired military and he seems to really enjoy reading this series.

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This time. Not one to wince, I did in the torture of Crocker.

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He uses much of his own personal experiences in the stories. Once again, Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo bring us an action-packed adventure featuring Thomas Crocker and the usual suspects. This time the story takes us to unexpected corners of the world as SEAL Team Six works to track down an Iranian cell that is orchestrating attacks on American diplomats while working to launch major terrorist strikes inside the United States. Those who have read the first 2 editions of the SEAL Team Six thrillers and have become accustomed to the action, suspense, and timely tales that Mann and Pezzullo have brought us will not be disappointed.

The third SEAL Team Six book follows in that tradition and continues to reveal insights into the secret world in which brave warriors race across the globe to diffuse and dismantle the latest threat to America. This novel accurately reflects the changed nature of the terrorist threat and is a timely read for anyone interested in national security issues.

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The novel has good guy written all over it, but its main character, Thomas Crocker, has little respect for laws that are supposed to guide him, and he ignores his family to the point that his wife is seriously mentally ill. Rather than brave, he comes across as selfish, putting his own desires first at the expense of everyone else. That he survives every battle indicates that reality does not prevail, but perhaps Hollywood might come calling.

He has suffered two broken backs, two pulmonary embolisms, and multiple other broken bones in training or service. He has twice survived being captured during operations.

Bang. A shoot’em-up novel contemporaneous with world politics.

Co-writer Ralph Pezzullo is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning playwright, screenwriter and journalist. Receive an email when this ISBN is available used.

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  5. COM Terms There are no better warriors on Earth. Don Mann knows what it takes to be a brother in this ultra-selective fraternity.

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    As a member of Seal Team Six for over eight years and a SEAL for over seventeen years, he worked in countless covert operations, operating from land, sea, and air, and facing shootings, decapitations, and stabbings. He was captured by the enemy and lived to tell the tale, and he participated in highly classified missions all over the globe, including Somalia, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    But to become a SEAL, Mann had to overcome his own troubled childhood and push his body to its breaking point--and beyond.

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