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Solution: First, make sure cheese is actually the cause of your rotten-egg farts.

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Eliminate all dairy completely for just a week you'll survive! If the hot, smelly farts come back, pair your favorite dairy-rich foods with a lactase supplement. Taking it with the first bite should ward off the gas, Dr. Remember when you made fun of people without celiac disease who claimed they were gluten intolerant?

Turns out, that might actually be a thing. A study from the National Institutes of Health showed that non-celiac, gluten-sensitive people NCGS exhibited nasty symptoms after eating gluten, including bloating and constant farts, compared to the placebo group. Another gas catalyst could be fructose, the natural sugar found in fruit, especially if you have fructose malabsorption similar to lactose intolerance. Like lactose, fructose is a sugar that can't be digested, and they both come out as room-clearing gas.

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Solution: Try a low- FODMAP short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols that aren't easily absorbed diet, which is an elimination diet that cuts out most cruciferous vegetables, legumes, high-fructose fruits, processed meats, wheat, and gluten. Otherwise, visit your gastroenterologist for further testing, and raid the local pharmacy for over-the-counter supplements, such as Gas-X, Beano, or a carminative.

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You may think you are doing the healthy thing by reaching for a packet of no-calorie sweetener for your morning coffee news flash: you're not , and it could actually be contributing to those embarrassing office farts everyone smells but you'll never admit to.

Bodies can't break down artificial sweeteners the same way as sugar, which means it gets digested by the bacteria in the colon instead, and produces a smell that's anything but sweet. Solution: If you notice that awful fart cloud after consuming no-calorie sweeteners, switch to natural sugar instead.

Fart Monster and Me: The Birthday Party (Fart Monster and Me, #3)

Be sure to read your food labels carefully, too: sucralose, aspartame, neotame, saccharin, and acesulfame K are all popular artificial additives. Have you ever had to hold in big, painful farts before a presentation or important meeting? You're not being dramatic; there's a scientific reason for that. Stress and anxiety can lead to physical symptoms, including that familiar stomach gurgling you get when you're super nervous. Maxwell Chait, gastroenterologist and associate professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, says. And chronic stress can lead to a whole host of other GI issues.

Caguit adds. If the No. Solution: Dr. Caguit recommends talking to your primary care physician or gastroenterologist first so he or she can rule out any organic cause. If you get an all-clear there, or just want more ways to manage stress, then see a psychologist. Whether it's soda, seltzer, or Champagne, some drinks are just better carbonated. They can also create more farts, thanks to what makes them fizzy in the first place -- CO2. The carbon dioxide has to come out of your system somehow, and that usually means through your butt. An affinity for all things bubbly probably doesn't contribute to a ton of extra flatulence, but it could certainly be a component.

Solution: If you notice that you're gassy after drinking something carbonated, try to limit yourself to just one drink it is possible! Otherwise, stick to flat or slightly sparkling beverages. Champagne might be fancy, but the resulting farts are not. Antibiotics are necessary to clear up some nasty bacterial infections, but they can also mess with gut bacteria. One of the biggest gut issues associated with antibiotics is Clostridium difficile C. Chait says can lead to gas, diarrhea, and really smelly poop.

Solution: If you notice signs of a C. If the symptoms are less severe, just be patient until you stop taking the prescription and your gut can heal. Try not to take too many antibiotics or for a prolonged period of time. Chait lists traveling, a change in diet, visiting a foreign country, and getting an infection as possible reasons your gut bacteria are imbalanced.

Solution: Probiotics are key. There are some yogurts that are touted as natural probiotics " The yogurt that makes you poop! But when he calls the Pimples disgusting, they take offense and decide that maybe they should just take over Fartville themselves. Mayor Fart devises a bold plan to save the day by raiding the old Fart Armory, which is now a museum.

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