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Ask yourself detailed questions based on previous events as well as attendee survey responses in order to better understand what type of venue will best address those areas of improvement. The physical environment plays a significant role in inspiring attendees to engage and actively participate. To create such an atmosphere, lighting is always an important factor.

Effective lighting can be used to drive networking or to help attendees focus on a specific aspect of the event, such as a speaker or an exhibitor. In addition to lighting, the choice of furniture can also help create an environment for increased interaction. Smaller seating areas would induce more intimate conversations. Make sure there are clear pick up and drop off areas for attendees, clear directions on how to arrive at the venue, and ample parking space if needed.

Your attendees should be able to focus on the content of event rather than worry about getting to their destination. Keeping in mind wheelchair accessibility is also crucial for ensuring an inclusive event experience. Make sure to ask venues about wheelchair accessibility and plan your event agenda accordingly.

For a more in-depth look, check out our guide to finding the perfect event venue. One of the first touch points for potential attendees is the event website. Their website experience must be exceptionally memorable in order to increase their likelihood of registering for the event. High SEO ranking, relevant content, and showcasing the event brand are all important factors in creating an amazing event website.

The cardinal rule of exceptional design holds true for event websites : simplicity. Check out these 3 tips on how to keep the design concise and simple. Want to learn more about how PTC develops a transformative event brand? Use video. Maintain a consistent color and font style. Be sure to keep a simple and consistent color scheme as well.

The same goes for font style.

In the example below, you will see that the Marketo Marketing Nation event website contains only four colors: purple, black, white, and blue. This color scheme directly aligns with the brand, providing a consistency that will be memorable to attendees who visit the site. Create a countdown clock.

To add more dynamism to your home page, consider placing a countdown clock as part of the header to build up anticipation for the event as well as create a sense of urgency for potential attendees to register. Want to become the Michaelangelo of event website design? Check out this comprehensive guide to the principles of event website design. While maintaining the rule of simplicity, an event website should offer an array of engaging content. Blog Content Content marketing in general has become very popular over the last few years because it is a cost effective way to provide a positive experience for consumers and thus generate more business.

Providing valuable content in the form of blog posts on your event website will drive more traffic to your site and thus more event registrations. A popular blog post form is the list format. Create list articles that build up anticipation for your event while educating readers on a specific topic.

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A great example of this would be how Social Media Marketing World creates posts that directly add value to their event brand. For more info on creating content to promote your event, click on the ebook below. Another medium of content is video. For more best practices on video content, check out this post on how to promote your event through video. After all the effort into creating a beautifully simply event website with valuable content offerings, it is crucial that people get the chance to see it!

This is where search engine optimization becomes crucial. Organic search accounts for about Make sure that you have a sound SEO strategy in place. Make sure you are using target keywords on the event webpage. For example, if your event is all about B2B digital marketing, make sure to have this phrase strategically placed throughout the website. Including the keyword in the page title, body of the page, and meta description of the page will all help for you to rank for that keyword.

Internal links can also help to increase your SEO ranking. This means linking to other web pages within the same event website. When linking internally or externally, the link should be anchored to the keyword or keyword phrase you are targeting. Off-page ranking factors "Though a much tougher practice, this off-page ranking best practice will help strongly boost your event website SEO. Link building consists of other websites linking directly to your event site. The more external sites that link to your event website, the stronger your SEO rank. In order to achieve this, you have to build key relationships with other thought leaders and bloggers in your industry.

Building quality relationships offline will lead to amazing results online for your event.

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These are just a couple of tips to set you on the right path. For a more in-depth look, check out our guide to events and SEO. So they will respond more to a promotion on Instagram. Use an event hashtag and place it prominently on your website. Encourage website visitors and event attendees to use the hashtag when engaging on social media. While you can manually track hashtags yourself, some event engagement platforms will track them for you. Make marketing your event easier by bringing the assistance of stakeholders. Be they speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors, encourage your exhibitors to promote your event.

After all, they will benefit from more people being at the event and more people engaging with them. One of the best ways to do this is with speaker cards.

Create your marketing strategy

Create simple visuals that promote stakeholders that will be appearing at your event while also promoting the event themselves. With any luck, stakeholders will want to share this information themselves.

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Turn Attendees into Event Promoters. Offer special discounts or prizes for attendees who share the event on social media and get people to sign up for it. You can automate this process by using promotional tools like Ticket Boost.

Facebook Marketing Success System – new online course with Mari Smith, featuring Dennis Yu!

Even before the event starts, you can create vibrant communities that bring people together. Twitter chats, Slack channels, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups all ways that you can start building up buzz for your event before, during and after it. Seventy-five percent of event-goers attend events to network. Giving them more opportunities to do so will only make your attendees more satisfied. For more information, check out event marketing wisdom from 12 social media experts.

Landing event sponsorships and partnerships is critical to producing a successful event. It's not just a matter of finding sponsors and partners, it's about finding the right ones. Whether you are hosting a VIP dinner or a user conference, live events can be invaluable for generating leads and accelerating the sales pipeline.

Facebook Marketing Success System – new online course with Mari Smith, featuring Dennis Yu!

We spoke to some of the top event marketing leaders in the industry about how they use events to push their sales goals. Click the button below to check out our lead generation guide. Two heads are better than one. An increasingly popular form of partnership marketing is partnered live events. When planned thoroughly and executed properly, partnered events can have a significantly larger impact than if an event were organized by one company, alone.

Here are three quick tips.

Articulate why you need a partnered marketing event.