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Neither did David and his family until, one night, everything changed with finding a little lizard. Talking his parents into keeping the lizard as a pet was just the beginning until the little lizard started changing and growing. At least, they thought it was a lizard.

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Follow a family as they learn anything is possible even if you In there were , children and teens across America removed from their homes and placed into foster care. The majority brought with them trauma from neglect and abuse they had experienced early in life. For over 45 years, Bruce T. Anderson has worked with hundreds of youth who have known trauma firsthand.

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Many have learned to breathe Red: The Color of Murder is a mystery set in the s. Jo Lewis, a nineteen-year-old girl, finds herself in jail for the murder of her mother.

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The trauma has caused psychogenic amnesia. Fighting to remember, Jo is exasperated by inmates, prodded by a psychiatrist, and questioned by her lawyer. Her mind wanders to the past to avoid thinking about her mother This book will unlock the meaning and pattern of worship, provide a How To for personal and congregational worship, and equip you for greater success in your spiritual battles, most importantly, the study of this book brings you into the presence of the LORD.

If you are looking for a deeper walk with God, this book is for you! Jeremy Peters is a seventeen-year-old senior. He is searching for something.

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Despite having a girlfriend who loves him, a best friend who is completely loyal, and is the star of the high school football team, he is still searching. Jeremy suffers a potential career-ending injury and then begins a true internal search, which will impact him for the rest of hi Here Come the Romans is a progressive survey on the historical influence of Rome and how it influenced the times, events, customs, religious institutions, and specifically the life of Jesus, the Jewish people, and the New Testament.

Its progressive style guides the reader through a six-hundred and seventy-five-year period of selected history to educa Allison is not your typical alligator. She's sophisticated and refined and prefers the finer things in life. The uncivilized reptiles of her swamp think she is foolish, but Allison will stop at nothing to convince them there is more to life than the murky waters of their swamp. Will her latest plan work?

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The age-old German-chasing-the-Jew tale takes a different turn in this book as the conflicts of World War II are seen through the eyes of a Nazi's young adolescent son. To Alfonso, it's confusing that while he gets in trouble for bullying at school, his father then turns around and becomes a hero for shooting a group of Jews.

While General Adelric sit Every Scar Tells a Story is based on true events. It is filled with stories that will blow your mind in total unbelief. The life story of Jack Hawley is filled with despair and total chaos.


It is a story about a young boy who has lost all hope after being dropped off at a boys' home at the age of five. Jack had to find his way to survive. It was a long road This book has been designed specifically for the woman or man who has experienced the devastation of an unanticipated, undeserved divorce and profoundly desires to heal. It offers a practical, real world format that is focused on a multiplicity of proven healing strategies and suggestions. Do you have the desire to understand who you are and what makes you persevere to become greater? Having a low self-esteem can hinder you from achieving your dreams.

It is vital to know that because we have an all-loving Father who created us in a realm of love that we can love ourselves. It is vital to know that Christ Jesus paid the price so that we can and AP is an interesting guy.

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He'd spent half a lifetime touring the country with different bands and musical acts, as a roadie and a tech, and he has the stories to prove it. Near and dear to his heart is the band that started it all, Known Entity.

AP's passion for Known Entity's music and band members unleashes a journey of discovery filled with moments Four Kittens in the Bathroom is a story about a feral cat that came to our backyard for a free meal and stayed to have three litters of kittens. The little calico cat, we named Mama, proved to be a great mother, very loving and caring.

Her first litter had three kittens that spent the nights in our neighbor's garage, and during the day, they came into our ya Do you remember your elementary school days when your teacher held Show and Tell? I take you back to those days. I show you how Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago are being fulfilled today! They are happening right before our eyes! I show you how God's word and today's world tell Ever see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder how it got there or searched your house for a missing shoe never to be found?

The Lost Shoe is a heartwarming tale that laces together the adventure of a Right Shoe that gets separated from his owner and Left Shoe.

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Dear Addiction: Cease and Desist refers to ending your on-again-off-again relationship with addiction once and for all. Usually with any attempt at a healthy sober life, there is usually a revolving door of relapse before continued sobriety. This booklet helps to remove a lot of the tricks that addiction uses to stick around or to make returns in our A Holy Walk in the Wicked Woods testifies to the redemption found in Jesus Christ and offers support for believers who have a homosexual past or present feelings of the same.

Hugh takes the reader through his development of homosexuality and depicts his journey with the Lord into a new life. Sexual attraction to one's own gender is addressed as an expression This book is also a warning to every married man considering adultery and a resource guide to those men committing adultery and want a way out or was discovered and wants to restore the marriage. My son Jeramy just killed his first elk when we heard the blood-curdling scream of the mountain lion. Put four rounds in your magazine and one in the chamber 'cause that big cat is going to try and jump us.

We had not gone far when I spotted him up in the rocks, perched like he was getting ready to jump my son. Do you think there are trolls living under bridges? You might be right if you do! Follow this brave troll as he goes on an adventure when he smells delicious cupcakes, and his tummy is rumbling! Allow this premier collection of Anointed Living Messages to edify, encourage, and comfort you as they speak into your As the title suggests, the stories and poems included in this work express the inner feelings of an older, retired gentleman as he describes the experiences in his life from his earliest memory.

Some are humorous, emotional, patriotic, and inspiring as he shares his thoughts with others who have had similar events. They are intended to bring out the same f The MacNamara sisters are successfully living in Chicago. Annie is attending Northwestern University, and Sandy works as a senior editor at a major publishing company, a job she has dreamed of for a very long time. Their bond is stronger than ever. When Sandy wins a trip to Hawaii, the sisters have no idea the impact a chance meeting will have on the course Happy and in love, right where they wanted to be, the Mann family was about to be thrown into the ring of insecurity.

Walk with them as the Lord guides them through fear and uncertainty, trials and tribulations, danger at every turn, and new friends as well. Who can survive, and will their faith stay strong? Can their love survive the test of time? Siblings come in all shapes and sizes. They even sometimes have paws. Follow along with Brennen as he plays with his siblings Roxie, a lovable Rottweiler, and Bella, a playful Labrador retriever, and see what they like to do together. Do your siblings have paws?

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In his travels to many planets, Anzar continues his mission as a messenger of peace. His family and friends travel with him to the past and the future. Their planet is Trevinia. They travel to Antarctica on a secret mission to find a wrecked spaceship.