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Buck, Claire. Jameson Acheson and Romana Huk. Di Stefano, Christine. Linda J. London: Routledge, Dowson, Jane.

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Flax, Jane. Fraser, Nancy, and Linda J. New York: Routledge, Grossberg, Lawrence. Hartsock, Nancy.

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Majority Theories. Hekman, Susan J.

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Michelene Wandor. London: Pandora Press, McDowell, Linda. Minneapolis: University of Minneapolis, Probyn, Elspeth. Pykett, Lyn. Gary Day, and Brian Docherty. London: Macmillan, Rich, Adrienne. Rumens, Carol.

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  • Holding Pattern. Belfast: The Blackstaff Press, Wandor, Michelene, ed. On Gender and Writing. Waugh, Patricia. Anne Sebba tells the story of Lady Randolph Churchill with verve and skill, treading her way through a fascinating life….

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    In a vibrant biography, Anne Sebba furnishes all the right details in the life story of a woman who may only be a footnote to history but…. Read the full synopsis Buy on Dovecote Press. This wonderful book… Anne Sebba has written this record of exquisite taste and brutal suffering with equal measures of verve, tact and eloquence. Read the full synopsis. Read the full synopsis Buy on Faber Finds. This is a moving book.

    Anne Sebba has written a vivid, true story. She writes with frankness and without frills.

    Price has become the way to attract buyers and so from top to bottom the margins were squeezed. But the market is complex. Despite the preponderance of celebrity and misery memoirs on our shelves, recent years have also seen a strong growth among independent publishers, Faber among them. Many authors prefer a smaller publisher and refer to Faber as a kind of family: small enough so that everyone involved takes a little responsibility for each book published. He sees the book as an entertainment product. Then there are the Faber Finds, a series of books that were out of print but can now be reprinted on demand, taking advantage of new technologies to make such things affordable.

    There are also guided reading groups to encourage readers to discover new Faber authors.

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    It may seem that these are diversions from what should be the real task of a publisher: producing the works of great writers that people will want to read. It is also perhaps notable that the books that make money for Faber were written by authors signed up a while ago. Equally, though, one might argue that a family encourages its offspring, nurturing them in the hope that one day they will come up with the goods.

    In the meantime, they just have to do what they can to get by.

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    To celebrate their 80 years in the business so far, the company has some exciting projects on the go: an exhibition of its history, with plenty of archive material concerning Eliot, is due to open at the British Library in September and a handsome new edition of Old Possum is to be published, illustrated by Alex Scheffler. Alongside this are new, handsomely bound editions of some of the books that have made Faber so great, by authors including Beckett, Auden, Plath and Heaney. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

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