Explanatory Notes on the Old Testament (With Active Table of Contents)

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Crutwell's various readings are numerous. Bishop of Lincoln. Commentary on the Bible, as Literally and Idiomatically Translated. You cannot put the sea into a tea cup.

His uncommon skill in Hebrew learning, and his excellent Commentaries on the Scriptures are held in high reputation to this day. We confess, however, that we can only read it as a task, for the dry scholastic style repels us, and it seems to us that in answering a number of sceptical doctors, whose opinions are ridiculous, the author has made much ado about nothing. Bishop of St.


These criticisms will be of more interest to the scholar than of value to the minister, Horsley was far too ready to invent new readings; yet he was a master in his own line. He writes very dogmatically and with a violent bias toward a theory of interpretation which, with all its excellencies, cannot be everywhere maintained. Numbers of other writers have followed in his track, but none with equal footsteps. His works are now somewhat rare. Shrewsbury, Reprinted, Not a very able production.

Explanatory Notes On The New Testament With Active Table Of Contents English Edition

Choice Observations and Explanations upon the Old Testament, con-taining in them many remarkable matters, additional to the large Annotations made by some of the Assembly of Divines. Folio, Of secondary importance, and very short; yet good. Frequently bound up with L eigh No. Thoroughly learned.

explanatory notes on the new testament with active table of contents Manual

Though old, not out of date. The Pentateuch, with Notes.

A book of no importance. In Babington's Works, folio, It contains little to repay the student for toil-ing through the old-fashioned expressions. A Synopsis of Criticisms upon those passages of the Old Testament in which modem commentators have differed from the Authorized Version. The object of this work is to lay before the reader the principal alterations which modem critics have proposed in the Authorized Version, together with the reasons for or against such emendations. Many of the notes are in Latin.

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Of small use to the average minister. With Notes.

Explanatory Notes Upon The New Testament, Volumes 1 - 2

We greatly grudge the four shillings which we gave for it. With Recommendatory Preface by Rev. L ond. This book was written by the Three Misses Bird, of Taplow. The Remarks are very plain and practical, and a spirit of earnest piety and fervent prayer pervades them throughout. Family Exposition of Pentateuch. S vols. Notes selected from the exegetical parts of Rosenmuller's Scholia, and of a9athe's Notes to his Latin version; also from Schrank, Michaelis, Le Clerc, Ainsworth, Poole, and other authors.

This writer worked very industriously at the almost impossible task of condensing the twenty-eight volumes of Rasenmuller's Notes. Besides the remarks from authors mentioned in the text, there are observations from the manuscripts of Joseph Kinghorn, of Norwich. Compiled by a Priest of the Church of England. Masters, and Of the High Church order, and praised by the Saturday Review. What worse need be said? Yet will we add that the savor of Christ in these books saves them from unqualified condemnation. Jewish Teacher. New Translation. This is another instance of paternal partiality, and of "great cry and little wool.

Comparatively few of our readers will set much store by the Targums of Onkely, and Jonathan Ben Uzziel; but those who desire to read them will find here a good literal version. His style of criticism is essentially sceptical.


Translated by the Rev. Henry Downing. Very different from other German authors. Plain, clear, and instructive.

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Not choked up with metaphysical bewilderments and long lists of sceptical authors whose names defile the pages which bear them. Historico-Critical Introduction to the Pentateuch. Translated by A. Thomson, A. Almost entirely occupied with a discussion upon the genuineness of the Pentateuch. A check to the rationalistic and infidel spirit. Those who have never taken the poison do not need the antidote.

Genuineness of the Pentateuch. Translated by ]. Hengstenberg, as Professor at Berlin, had access to the rich collection of Egyptian antiquities in the Museum, and he has made noble use of his advantages. Dean of Lichfield. Genesis according to the LXX. Of no particular use to preachers; but the Guardian says, "It is an excellent introduction to the comparative study of God's word, in those three languages with which an ordinary English student is mainly concerned. Mainly a compilation, in which more industry was shown in the collection than discretion in the selection.

Contains a large amount of historical illustration, shedding new light upon the letter of the Word. The author has used the fresh information which has come to us from the Euphrates and the Nile. At the same time he sows scepticisms broadcast, and we cannot recommend him. A work for the learned. It has received the highest commendations from competent scholars. Introductory Lectures.

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By a leading writer of the exclusive Plymouth school. Not to our mind. Five Books of Moses. Of no importance: a chip in the porridge: mild as a modem bishop. Diea The Gospel of the Pentateuch.