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Callisto - The Fugitive

Callisto is composed of both rock and ice, in approximately equal measures, and there are also traces of water ice, carbon dioxide, silicates, and organic compounds on the surface. The Galileo spacecraft also revealed that the moon may have subsurface ocean of liquid water km or more below the surface.

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Despite being ,, km from Earth , Callisto appears much brighter in the sky than our Moon when viewed through a telescope — despite our Moon being only , km. This is because the surface of Callisto is made up of a very thick layer of ice which reflects the Sun much more than the surface of our Moon. This means there is less of a tidal heating — a build up of friction, orbital and rotational energy that are dissipated as heat in the crust of the moons and planets involved — which have caused the melting of surface ice from the rocky mantle of the Europa moon, for example.

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It takes Callisto Similar to Earth and its Moon, Callisto is tidally locked to Jupiter. The largest impact craters on Callisto are huge multi-ring basins which are surrounded by concentric rings that appear to be cracks that have been smoothed out by the slow movement of the ice over a long period of time.

Callisto (Moon) Facts

Valhalla is the largest of these impact craters and stretches to around 3, km in diameter from the outer trough zone. The atmosphere of Callisto is very tenuous and is composed mostly of carbon dioxide and probably molecular oxygen as well. Although it is not considered to be geologically active, the likely presence of an ocean beneath the surface of Callisto leaves open the possibility that it could harbor life. As late works, they also indicate the remarkable physical energy he expended using his fingers as much as his brushes to apply paint.

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Callisto (moon)

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Facts about Callisto

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